Meet Rand Simulation

Rand Simulation helps organizations realize their product vision by incorporating engineering simulation technology into the product development process. Their engineering analysis software optimizes design performance while balancing factors like size, cost, manufacturability, and aesthetics.

To elevate their sales pipeline, Rand Simulation collaborated with Revenue Grid. This partnership enabled the automation of sales activity capture, leading to a 25% increase in new logo pipeline and a 10% rise in new logo business over 12 months. This strategic move also enhanced sales rep performance and overall sales efficiency.

25% increase in new logo pipeline and 10% increase in new logo business - Rand

What did Revenue Grid help Rand Simulation achieve?

Get a better look at how they did it.


Traditional outreach, missed opportunities.

Rand’s sales organization was focused on generating a more qualified pipeline, but their traditional outreach methods for top-of-funnel prospects were not producing the results it wanted.

To overcome this, Rand needed enhanced analytical data to help sales reps focus on the most promising leads. With lead-to-SQL conversions needing an overhaul, Rand Simulation wanted to address revenue gaps with a solution that provided efficient prospect engagement analytics, enabling more focused sales follow-up and refined messaging.


Smart automation, better targeting. 

Rand Simulation turned to Revenue Grid for a comprehensive solution to its sales pipeline challenges. Revenue Grid provided several key features that transformed Rand's sales operations:

  • Sales Sequences: Implemented to help sales reps automate customer engagement and make outreach faster and more efficient.
  • 360-Degree Analytics: Delivered detailed performance data about every sequence, email, and recipient.
  • Revenue Signals: Provided daily insights to identify the most likely prospects, enabling targeted follow-up through various communication methods until connections were made.
  • Activity Capture: Enhanced real-time CRM integration, leading to more meaningful forecast reviews and even better visibility into their early-stage revenue pipeline health.


Quality leads, more growth.

25% increase in new logo pipeline, 10% increase in new logo business, improved sales rep performance - Rand-2-1



Clearer insights, bigger wins. 

For organizations who are looking for a revenue intelligence platform that empowers revenue teams to win

  • Pipeline visibility: Accurate sales forecasting and profitability are key. Rather than questioning potential revenue loss, ask how your sales and revenue leaders can gain clearer pipeline visibility.
  • Actionable insights: Equip your teams with AI-powered, actionable insights that not only close more deals but also accelerate overall revenue growth.
  • Revenue intelligence: Ensure your revenue engine is current and capable of keeping pace with the dynamic sales environment. An outdated system can hinder pipeline growth, no matter the number of leads.
  • RO&I solution: The best way to detect how serious your revenue deficiencies are is through a RO&I solution. Automatically identify gaps and produce actionable insights. This drives revenue teams to win more deals, advance relationships faster and accelerate revenue and profitability. 

Revenue Grid provided Emerlad Scientific with (600 x 600 px) (4)

The Revenue Grid platform is a critical component of our overall sales process, given its impact on new logo pipeline production, sales rep consistency, and revenue loss mitigation.

– Jason Pfeiffer, Vice President



Less hassle. More hustle. 

Revenue Grid’s advanced data capture technology is the first of its kind, native to CRM and email systems like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.

The unique platform performs automated activity capture from across systems, pinpoints opportunities, and leverages AI to provide real-time forecasting and promote cross-team collaboration. The result is that teams can gain ten weekly revenue hours, speeding sales success and revenue velocity.