Meet Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific is a leading distributor of testing and chromatography equipment for QA labs. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, the company has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 2014​​.

To support this rapid expansion, Emerald Scientific recognized the need to enhance pipeline efficiencies and visibility to drive further revenue growth. 

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What did Revenue Grid help Emerald Scientific achieve?

Get a better look at how they did it.


Manual processes, missed opportunities.

Emerald Scientific uses Salesforce CRM to track customer prospects and activities and Google Workspace for its productivity applications.

Prior to finding Revenue Grid, the team handled all record-keeping manually, which created delays and compromised data integrity, ultimately slowing its sales workflows and pipeline growth.


Smart automation, better integration. 



Emerald Scientific initially sought an email tracking provider that would sync with its Salesforce CRM. When they discovered Revenue Grid's superior capabilities, they chose the revenue intelligence platform to help manage their pipeline while generating and tracking customer acquisition leads.


Revenue Grid provided Emerald Scientific with

  • Automated Activity Capture
    Tracks all prospect and customer interactions
  • 'Book Me' Scheduling
    Simplifies meeting scheduling 
  • Integration with Salesforce and Google Workspace
    Helps teams manage email communications and other interactions more efficiently.


Shorter deal cycles, more growth.

The product has been invaluable to Emerald Scientific’s sales efforts in a couple of ways. The tremendous efficiency gains save team members many hours each week, allowing them to focus on strategic activities rather than performing manual data entry and updating.

Additionally, Revenue Grid provides a holistic picture of every acquisition target, including every interaction and next steps needed. As a result, customers advance through the pipeline, and deals close more quickly.

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From a management perspective, we can pop in and see where things may have been rough and step in to help smooth things out, which helps us all keep things moving in the right direction.

– Wes Burk, CEO

Revenue Grid provided Emerlad Scientific with (600 x 600 px) (2)

Revenue Grid provided Emerlad Scientific with (600 x 600 px) (4)

Business leaders can see logs of every customer interaction by every team member, so our customers feel like everyone they interact with understands their needs, which is a bonus. 

– Amy Dillon, IT & Marketing Manager

Revenue Grid provided Emerlad Scientific with (600 x 600 px) (5)


Less hassle. More hustle. 

Revenue Grid’s advanced data capture technology is the first of its kind, native to CRM and email systems like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.

The unique platform performs automated activity capture from across systems, pinpoints opportunities, and leverages AI to provide real-time forecasting and promote cross-team collaboration. The result is that teams can gain ten weekly revenue hours, speeding sales success and revenue velocity.